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Angles & Channels

We offer our customers a wide range of Angles & Channels widely find its applications in different industrial & commercial sectors. Also these are scratch-proof and corrosion resistant and offer greater load bearing capacity. These are available in various dimensions of width, leg height, material thickness and other parameters.

mild-steel-h-beamMild Steel H Beam | Mild Steel I Beam

The Mild Steel Beams, which we offer, are extensively used for construction purposes for making steel-frames for buildings and bridges. MS Beams exported by us are highly durable and have high tensile strength. We are one of the most reliable M S Beams Suppliers. Our MS Beams are available in 2 types- Mild Steel H Beam (available from 100mm to 1040mm) and Mild Steel I Beam (available from 100mmto 400mm).

u-channel U-Channels | C-Channels

We are engaged in exporting of Mild Steel Channel, which is widely used as structural support in construction works. Available in different sizes and shapes, the MS Channels are procured from reliable sources, which use high grade steel that adds anti-corrosion properties and high tensile strength to the finished range.We are rated among the leading MS Channels Exporters and Mild Steel U Channels Suppliers.


equal-angleEqual Angle | Unequal Angle

One of the most commonly used Steel Products in construction is MS Angles and we specialize in supplying Wholesale Mild steel Angles. We Supply Equal Angles, Unequal Angles and T Angles which are available in different thickness and dimensions. Our MS Angles are galvanized to make them corrosion resistant. We are among the top most Galvanized Mild Steel Angles Suppliers in India.

Technical Speciftcations

Dimension And Properties As Per Lsi Spechicatlon IS: 2012-1991

Designation Depth Of Section Width Of Flanges Thickness Of- Web Weight- mtr Sectional – Area Module Of Section
H b t w a Zxx Zyy
(mm) (mm) (mm) (kg) (cm2) (cm2) (cm2)
ISMC75 75 40 4.8 7.1 9.1 20.3 4.7
ISBC 100 100 50 5.0 9.6 12.2 37.3


ISMC 125 125 85 5.3 13.1 18.7 88.0 13.5
ISMC 150 150 75 5.7 16.8 21.3 105.0 19.4
ISMC 175 175 75 6.0 19.6 24.4 139.8 22.8
ISMC200 200 75 6.2 22.3 28.5 181.0 26.4
ISMC250 250 80 7.2 30.6 39.0 307.0 36.4
ISMC300 300 90 7.8 36.3 46.3 428.0 47.1
ISMC400 400 100 8.8 50.1 83.8 760.0 67.0

Export Destinations For Steel Angles, Steel Channels, Mild Steel Beam, Mild Steel Angles, Mild Steel Channels

Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, United States, Argentina, Africa, London, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, UK, Nigeria, Mexico, Mozambique, Turkey, Peru, Kuwait, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Australia, Algeria, Russia, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Angola, Colombia, Canada, Cameroon, Dubai, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopa, Houston, Germany, Jordan, UAE, Uganda, Chine, Bahrain, Thailand (Bangkok).

Colombo, Zaria, Accra, Harare, Ibadan, Yaoundé, Soweto, Mbuji-Mayi, Dar es Salaam, Luanda, Johannesburg, Kaduna, Algiers, Lubumbashi, Dakar, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Durban, Singapore, Port Elizabeth, Subra al-Haymah, Maputo, Giza, Tripoli, Maiduguri, Addis Ababa, Cairo, New York, Pretoria, Ouagadougou, Kano, Omdurman, Fez, Kinshasa, Lusaka, Bulawayo, Douala, Kampala, Brazzaville, Lagos, Mogadishu, Freetown, Data from the UN, Rabat, Khartoum, Abu Dhabi, Benin, Antananarivo, Bamako, Conakry, Casablanca, Nairobi, Abidjan, Alexandria, Port Harcourt, Kolwezi.



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